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Who are Marston Holdings? Are they the Bailiffs of the UK?


A group of special forces that deals with the debtors for the collection of money. They are actually known as bailiffs. Marston Holdings bailiffs is such an organization that gathers all the unpaid debts for CCJ (County Court Judgments). Moreover, they also have legal collaboration directly with the government of the United Kingdom. 

As per the analysis done by the experts, they came to know that every year, more than one and a half million cases are being solved by the organization. Their network is very strong and has more than one thousand agents working with them. 

How Marston Works?

Marston Holdings might have bought the debts that you owe from the local authority or other creditors. Usually, they dispatch their salesman to different agencies or creditors to purchase those debts. Apart from your owed debt, the company literally gains all the information related to your finances and personal details.

For example, they get to know your current address, phone numbers, employer, identity and much more. They can use such information against you as a triumph card if the debt collection turns out to be difficult. And, they would notify you with a letter that you owe money from them. Along with that, all the details regarding the owed debt, deadline and previous creditors are mentioned in the letter.

Marston Holdings: Its Subsidiaries

  • Collectica
  • Harrison high Court agents 
  • Swift Services of Credit
  • Rossendales

Marston Holdings Works for?

Those types of organizations deal with the debit and credit of money. Let’s check some of them accordingly: 

  • Rent arrears
  • Council Tax
  • Business rates
  • Catalog Debts
  • Tribunal Awards related to Employment
  • Council Tax

What type of Bailiffs are Marston Holdings?

Marston Holdings are such types of bailiffs that work under the command of the high court. Whenever you are failing to pay the debts, the creditor might take the case to the high court. After that, performing the necessary procedures, the bailiffs are given the charge to visit your home. 

List of Items taken by Marston Holdings

  • Television Sets
  • Computers and its accessories
  • Tangible assets
  • Pieces of Antiques
  • Liquid Money
  • Items made up of fine China Clay
  • Luxury Items
  • Expensive furniture
  • Liabilities of high value

Marston Holdings’ Process of Entry

The bailiffs of this organization can gain access to your property and make an entry to your home. But before that, they will send a warning letter to you, about their arrival. Ignoring the letter will not be fruitful. In general, they will enter your home through an unlocked window or a door. Any type of resistance will result in the payment of additional fees, extra fines and charges. 

Is their Entry Legitimate?

Their entry will be legitimate, even when they have previously been in your home. If the entry is for the first time, then several legal procedures are needed. Once it has happened, then they can easily enter your home with the permission of reasonable force re-entry. 

Never underestimate them, they have a massive amount of helping hand and make their entry. But, the time range will be limited. It is from 6 am in the morning, till 9 pm at night. The bailiffs will never interrupt your living status. 

Their Working Procedure 

After getting all the detailed information about your debts, they will send a prior notice. In the notice, there will be a time span of seven days, before their entry. After the entry, they will look upon all the goods and gather their optimum asset value. Most of the people panic and try to negotiate with them. 

It might be an unknown fact, but they have been waiting for this moment. If they grab valuable goods from your home, there will be a seven days notice period. In this period, you can revert back all the undue amounts, and get back the lost goods in an intact condition. 

Pay the Creditors, Directly? 

A question might come to your mind – Why will you make the payment to Marston Holdings? Why not directly to the creditors? Now, the answer is, Yes. You will pay directly to the moneylender. Apart from being the bailiffs, Marston Holdings also buys the debt from your money lender. Always be prepared with the help of some legal steps to stop the bailiffs and not making any payments. 

Who are Marston Bailiffs and Why are they Contacting you?

The Marstons debt recovery group is one of the renowned enforcement agencies across the UK. This organization is governed by the Ministry of Justice. If you owe a debt from them, then you can expect calls and letters from Marstons.

If you haven’t paid one of the following debt statements, then they might contact you:

  • Council Tax
  • Rent arrears
  • Parking charges or penalties
  • Business rates

However, their strict code of conduct might appear harassing and unfair.

If you don’t pay them, Marston would dispatch another letter stating that they are going to invade into your home. This is known as an Enforcement notice, and they would visit your home after seven days, in case you don’t respond to them.

Are you Searching for Marston Debt Advice?

Marstons debt recovery group might start the entire procedure of chasing you, with formal phone calls. Then, it can continue to official letters and a home visit, too. However, with each passing day, the more aggressive such debt collectors and bailiff agencies are turning into.

On facing a critical situation with the debts, seeking National Debtline from an organization that assists with debts are legitimate. There are several organizations in the UK that provide this kind of service. Select a good and reputed organization, talk to them. After that, follow their advice, as well as the procedures accordingly. 

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