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How Can Phoenix Commercial Collections Help in Debt Management?

The continuous cycle of debt can bring various kinds of hardships in a person’s life. Mainly these hardships include financial imbalance, existential crisis, social anxiety, and many more. 

Phoenix Commercial Collection or rather you can say Phoenix Commercial Collection Ltd. is an organization whose job is to collect debts throughout the United Kingdom. Now, the kind of debt includes unpaid council tax, parking tickets, etc. 

What Phoenix Commercial does is that first, they will send you a letter regarding the payment of the debt. A specific deadline will be also mentioned in that letter. But, in case you are unable to pay the debt amount within the fixed time, then Phoenix Commercial will go to your doorstep to collect the payable amount. 

Most people panic at this point and get scared. But, there is nothing to be afraid of. Phoenix Commercial has absolutely no legal right to enter your personal property and harass you for some amount of money. 

Before we go to the part – how you tackle these agents, let us first get a thorough knowledge of what is Phoenix Commercial Collection and how exactly they work. 

Phoenix Commercial Collection Ltd – A Brief Overview

Just as we have discussed earlier, Phoenix Commercial Collection Ltd is an organization that is responsible for collecting various debt payments from the residents of the United Kingdom. Well, Phoenix Commercial is not the only organization that does this, there are a lot more.

Most of the employees of these organizations are administration workers who are given the responsibility to collect debt payments from the debt holders. All they can do is to ask you for the money via a formal letter. 

If you ignore the letter, then the debt case can go to a legal court and you might get more harassed. Therefore, if you have recently received a letter from the Phoenix Commercial collection, then it is highly recommended that you should pay your debt amount on time to avoid further harassment. 

Apart from just debt collection support, Phoenix Commercial collection ltd. also provide law enforcement services. This means, in case your debt case goes to a legal court, they will help you out by sending their agents for legal advice. 

But, Phoenix Commercial does not provide this service on their own, they act as a middle man between a much higher power and the debt holder. Therefore, we can say that Phoenix Commercial Collection Ltd. is just another debt collection agency with no legal powers. 

Now that we know what Phoenix Commercial Collection actually does, let us now see the types of debts they mainly collect and are responsible for. 

Phoenix Commercial Collection – Council Tax Collection

One of the major responsibilities of Phoenix Commercial is to collect any kind of Council Tax dues. That means they have to gather information on any kind of unpaid Council tax and collect those dues from the residents. 

Most residents consider Phoenix Commercial Collection as a bailiff company and they forcefully seize personal assets as a repayment of the unpaid debt. But, that is not the reality. 

If you are a debt holder and have some dues, then Phoenix Commercial collection will first send you a letter regarding your debt repayment with a deadline. 

In case, you are unable to pay the debt or ignore the letter, then your debt case can go to legal court and from there your personal assets can get seized as compensation for the unpaid debt. Henceforth, it is always recommended that whenever you receive a letter from Phoenix Commercial collection about an unpaid debt, try to clear out all the payments within the given time limit. 

Now, many people have doubts about what they should do in order to repay the debt amount after they received a letter. Later we will discuss debt holder rights, debt collector rights, what to do, and what not to. 

Received a letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections? Here is what to do now

If you receive a letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections regarding a debt payment, then you should act immediately. Ignoring a letter or not doing anything can lead to legal actions against you and your property. 

Upon receiving a letter from Phoenix Commercial, the first thing you should do is request them to provide any kind of proof regarding the mentioned debt repayment. Sometimes these types of agencies make mistakes. 

So, you have to be careful enough to avoid any kind of fraud. Receiving a letter does not mean that you have to pay the amount immediately. First, you ask for the proof, and after a complete evaluation, you are required to pay the debt amount.  

How can you Request Proof from Phoenix Commercial? 

Well, it’s quite simple.

All you have to do is send a letter to the Phoenix Commercial collection office with the details of your demanded debt amount. Here are some points that you can include in the proof request letter. 

  • Mention any kind of reference number (if mentioned in the previous letter).
  • Request for a documented or physical proof and mention that collection of debts is a legal procedure.
  • Make one point clear that once the debt has been repaid, no further calls or letters will be entertained from your side. 
  • In the end, do not sign the letter, instead, print your name and address at the bottom of the letter page. 

Sometimes these debt collection agencies make mistakes, too. Like you are not in any kind of debt, but still, you received a letter from Phoenix Commercial asking you to repay your amount. In this type of situation also you can write them a letter to prove the demanded debt. 

Statute Barred Debt – Know the Concept 

Before going directly to the discussion about Statute barred debt, first, you need to know when you should use it. There are two types of situations under which you should not send proof of debt letter to Phoenix Commercial collection ltd. 

Firstly, in case Phoenix Commercial has already stated the proof of the debt amount you are due to pay. Second, in case your debt is too old and comes under statute barred debt regulation. That means Phoenix Commercial has no right to ask for any form of debt collection. 

Now, getting back to the concept of Statute Barred Debt. Any form of debt case needs to be resolved in front of a legal entity, that means a courthouse. Due to this concept, the courts of the United Kingdom were getting filled with numerous debt cases. 

Hence, they came up with a new idea that those people who have older debts no longer need to go to court. Instead, they can get a CCJ. This indicates, if Phoenix Commercial sends you a letter regarding an old debt, then you can immediately take legal action against the same. 

No one can ask for a statute barred debt unless you are willing to pay the debt amount by yourself. But, how will you know if your Phoenix debt is statute-barred or not?

Well, here are the four requirements you have to meet in order to make your debt a statute-barred debt:

  • The debt has to be at least six years old. 
  • Within these six years, if you haven’t made any kind of payments to shorten the debt amount. 
  • You have not agreed to any kind of debt questions to any company within the last six years. 
  • During the whole debt lifetime, no CCJ has been issued.

Therefore, if you have a state barred debt and you still received a letter from the Phoenix Commercial collection, then don’t send them a proof letter. Instead, send a statute-barred notification. This is required to notify them that the debt you hold is statute-barred and they cannot ask you for any kind of repayments. 

What if Phoenix Commercial Collection Ltd still asks you for repayment?

This is an exceptional case. You thought that you have a statute-barred debt, but Phoenix Commercial proved that your debt does not fall under the statute barred conditions. 

What will you do then? Well, in that case first you need to read every document related to the debt very carefully. Tally the information you have and the one provided by Phoenix Commercial. If there is nothing wrong, then you are bound to pay the amount back to the lender. 

You can either repay the debt at once or you can always choose the monthly instalment options. By choosing the latter you can easily wipe out the debt amount by slowly paying a small amount of money, over a given period of time. 

Moreover, Phoenix Commercial Collection ltd will also request you to choose the instalment option. That’s the most convenient way. 

You can go for an IVA, too.

For the people who have a lot of debt remaining, IVA is a very good option. With the help of an IVA agreement, you can easily clear out all your Phoenix Commercial Ltd debt.

An IVA consists of a larger monthly payment for 5 years straight. Once the five-year window is over, your debts will be cleared. It is not at all mandatory that you have to repay your debt amount completely. 

Most people who go for the IVA agreement only clear up to 20 per cent of their total debt amount. The only reason Phoenix Commercial will agree to an IVA is that at the end of 5 years the company would have gained some amount from you. It’s always better to have something than nothing. 

Know Your Rights 

While dealing with these debt collection agencies most people do not have the idea about their own rights. If you don’t know your rights, then you get victimized by the company. 

Hence, it is always recommended that you should remember these points while you are dealing with Phoenix Commercial collection ltd.

  • You have the right to privacy. That means no company can discuss anything about your debt with anyone (including your spouse or any other close relative).
  • Phoenix Commercial Collection ltd does not have the right to threaten you about repossessing objects without a CCJ.
  • You have all the right to not allow any kind of Phoenix Commercial agent inside your property without a proper CCJ.
  • You have the liberty to ask Phoenix Commercial to call you according to your time schedule. 
  • Phoenix Commercial collection ltd. is bound to clear any kind of confusion or terms and conditions to the debt payer.
  • You are solely responsible for your debt repayment. Phoenix Commercial does not have the right to force you into any kind of terms against your will. 

Will Phoenix Commercial come to Your Doorstep to Collect Debts?

Well, the answer to this question is both yes and no. If you have some debt pending to Phoenix Commercial, then at first they will send you a formal letter. This letter will be containing all the information regarding your debt repayment. 

In case, you chose not to or were unable to pay the debt within the given period of time, then Phoenix Commercial can pay a visit, but with a proper CCJ. 

How can Phoenix Commercial Collection ltd chase You for not Paying?

Running away from your debts without paying the lender is definitely wrong. And, Phoenix Commercial will then have all the rights to chase you down for the repayments. There are various ways by which Phoenix Commercial can easily track you down. 

Their database already has all the information about you. If you do not clear the debt after the first two or three letters, then they can go to your doorstep. With a CCJ they will also have the right to seize your personal assets as compensation for the unpaid debt amount.


Apart from all these solutions, in case you are still facing difficulties while dealing with Phoenix Commercial, then you can always take help from various debt charities. There are numerous debt charity options available on the internet. Search for them and ask out for help from a trustworthy website. They will surely help you out.

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