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What is the Penalty Charge Notice? How to Deal With It?

Penalty Charge

Parking restrictions are vital not only in the United Kingdom but also in every country. Therefore, there are certain charges that you might have to pay if you violate the traffic laws. The confirmation regarding the charges is generally known as the Penalty Charge Notice (PCNs). 

The Penalty Charge Notice is given to the people who own motor vehicles. The local authorities will be issuing the notice. In case there is proof that you violated the traffic rules, through the CCTV cameras that are fixed at the side of the roads, then a fine is inevitable. 

The Types of PCN

There are various types of PCN, some of them are Parking, Bus lane, moving traffic, and many more. You can easily challenge the PCN when you see that the detailed information on the notice is not up to the mark. 

Activities to fulfil issues PCN

Now, you already know about the types of PCN, so it’s time to learn about the several activities to fulfil each of them and the details are given below:

The Bus Lane PCN

When the bus lane PCN is issued against you, then 14 days will be given to you to make the full payments, with a discount. If you fail to do it, then another 14 days will be there to make the full payment, without any discount. There is also a facility to make an informal challenge against this PCN. 

The Parking PCN

You can receive the parking PCN when the activities are caught on the CCTV camera, it’s the video proof. You can pay the charged amount in just 21 days with discounts. For any type of delay, there will be no discount but the time duration will be 28 days. If you are unsure about the information, you can easily make a formal representation to the council. Doing so can lead to an increase in the principal amount by 50%. The details of the traffic PCN is just the same as the parking PCN. 

The Notice Law regarding the Penalty Charge

As the notice is being issued against the drivers and riders, therefore the regulations of the violations are deeply connected to the moving traffic’s offensive activities and others. Some of the activities that pose a negative impact are given below:

  • A penalty can be charged on a double yellow line.
  • Parking your car in a cycle lane.
  • Keeping your car outside the parking bay.
  • Not paying the desired meter amount, but still parking the car.

On the other hand, in some areas, the Penalty Charge Notice is also charged due to the following reasons like stopping your vehicle at the yellow box junction, driving through the opposite way, and many more. 

The Detailed Information in the Notice

When you receive a Penalty Charge Notice, it has all of this information as stated below:

  • The two-digit code for some specific purposes.
  • The description of the activity is regarded as an offence.
  • The detailed information on issuing the ticket.
  • The desired amount of money needed to fulfil the fine.

It’s better to contact the source from where the notice has arrived. If there is any incorrect information, ask them to rectify it as soon as possible. Until and unless, they rectify the mistake, never pay a single penny. 

Penalty Charge Notice vs Parking Charge Notice

You must not mix up these two things. The Penalty Charge Notice is generated by the local authority of the UK. Whereas, the parking charge notice is generated by the private parking companies. In addition to that, the private organizations that own large parking lands, remote area supermarkets and others also have the ability to issue parking charge notice. 

The companies that issue parking charge notices will request you to make the payment with the help of an invoice. Whereas, the local authority will send you a notice, creating a dominant situation where you have to pay the penalty, otherwise the consequences will be critical. 

Want to Appeal for the PCN?

Making an appeal for the PCN can be a bit problematic. After sending the notice, you will be having two weeks time to make the full payment. In case, you make an appeal regarding the fine payment and somehow fail, an additional penalty of 50% will be imposed. 

While planning for the appeal, it’s better not to pay the penalty at first. There are basically two types of appeal. Gather a brief knowledge about them and then proceed. 

Informal Appeal

This appeal comes into work when you think that most of the information on the notice is not right. So, you have 2 weeks time to appeal and make the necessary changes. Never delay and those 14 days (2 Weeks) is also the time span to make the payment. On request, the authorities might agree to extend the time period. Before making the payment, make sure that you are fully satisfied with the penalty amount. 

Formal Appeal

Applying for the formal appeal will only make a positive impact if the informal appeal has failed. After the rejection of the informal appeal, the local authority will send you the NTO (Notice to Owner). 

After receiving the NTO, read it thoroughly as the procedure of making the formal appeal will be given there. Makes the formal appeal depending upon the place where you live. If you live in London, then the London Tribunals will do it for you. 

On the other hand, if you are a citizen of England and Wales, then the Traffic Penalty Tribunal will play an important role. For Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Scottish Park appealing service and Northern Ireland traffic penalty tribunal will do the job. 

A Rejected Appeal?

If your appeal is being rejected, then you have to take the help of debt recovery processes to sort out the situation. If additional fees are included, then the situation might become a bit hectic for you. When you cannot pay the total amount, there is a high chance that you might lose the car. 

PCN and FPN: Any Differences?

There are no exact differences between the Penalty Charge Notice and Fixed Penalty Notice. The PCN is the sub-part of the FPN. If you dig deep into the matter, you can well understand that the PCN covers all the matters that fall under the category of civil activities. Whereas, the FPN covers all the criminal activities and their prosecution. 

In case, you are being issued with an FPN, then the situation can become hassle prone. Along with the involvement of the police, you might have to visit the court. Thus, hampering social and professional reputation. 

How can you pay the PCN?

Just hold the PCN ticket and have a look at its back. The instructions for paying it online is given there. Apart from that, you can also pay with the help of your phone’s payment methods or by post. If you are eager to pay by post, grab the slip that is present at the bottom of the ticket. Now, gather the cheque or the cash in the envelope along with the torn slip and send it to the correct address. 

Design a Representation

Obviously, your vehicle is registered at the transport authority of the United Kingdom. If you receive the Penalty Charge Notice, then you can pay or make a contest of it. If you choose the former, then making a representation is mandatory. 

In the representation, you have to describe the reason why you aren’t satisfied with the charging of the fine. Your representation will be handled by the Enforcement Processing Unit. 

What if you have lost the PCN?

In case you have lost the PCN accidentally, contact the PCN provider and generate another copy. Now, if you are a citizen of Northern Ireland, then dial-up to the parking Enforcement processing Unit to receive valuable advice on how to make new payment with or without the PCN. 

What are Statutory Declarations?

A clear written document either approved by the solicitor, Justice of Peace, Commissioner of Oath, Notary Public or the Resident or lay Magistrate. It is the result or the reply to any type of false notices that are being sent to you. After getting the notice, you must send the declaration within 21 days. 

Apart from that, you are also liable to make the statutory declaration in some other matters too. Such as – while not receiving any notice after the appeal. Along with that, if you have already sent the representation but didn’t receive any confirmation whether it’s accepted or not. 

Bonus Points on the Driving Licence

No, you will not receive any bonus point on your driving licence when you are about to pay the penalty. On the other hand, if you are facing the FPN, then some amount of money might be endurable. But, in the case of PCN, there is nothing like that. Just pay the amount and eliminate the charges against you. 

Penalty Charge Notice: The Reasons

There are several reasons behind receiving the Penalty Charge Notice. The first thing is that you have violated the traffic rules and you shouldn’t do that. Now, you might be eager to know which type of rules that you have violated. Let’s check them out as they are given below:

Driving without Vehicle Insurance

Of course, it’s against the law, if you are not carrying the vehicle’s insurance papers with you. When the police stop your car to have a look at the insurance and other legal papers, it will be your duty to keep the papers handy. In the case of third party insurance, you might not need it as well unless you damage any public property. 

When the traffic police catch you driving without the insurance papers, they might charge you a fine of up to 300 pounds. Other than that, you might lose 6 penalty points as well. If the case is too severe, then the court will make itself in this situation. If this happens, then you might have to give a huge amount of fine. Furthermore, you might have to restrict your driving.

However, driving without insurance is not marked as a criminal offence. But, an IN10 endorsement will be there in your driving licence for the next 4 years. That is why you need to inform the car insurance providers regarding this matter. 

Fines on Over speeding 

The case of over speeding is generally considered a minor offence. On committing this offence, there is a chance of receiving the Fixed Penalty Notice. Apart from that, the fine amount will be 100 pounds with a loss of three points on your driving licence. In the United Kingdom, there is a way to avoid the total situation. 

The speed awareness course will help you, so simply check whether you are eligible for the course. As per the experts, the National Driver Offender Scheme manages this entire matter. However, Scotland is not included. You will be eligible for the course when you don’t have any speeding offences for the past 3 years. 

The punishment can be much severe in case you are caught speeding. There is a high chance that the police can take you to the court. In addition to that, a huge amount of fine can be enlisted upon you. There are CCTV cameras that have the capability to catch if you are not maintaining the desired speed limit. 

Drink and Drive

After consuming alcohol, you must not drive. If you do so, then you might risk other people’s lives on the road. Apart from that, deaths also can occur. According to the expert analysis, done by the Department for Transport, which is also known as DT, it reveals more than 9000 people have been injured or killed. 

Apart from receiving the Penalty Charge Notice, you might get arrested. Before that, the police will take a breathing test, if alcohol is detected, then they will proceed towards the rest of the required steps. If you refuse to give the breath test, then the situation might not be fruitful for you. 

The consequences of drink and drive will be fatal. The police can put you in prison for three consecutive months. Apart from that, you will be charged a fine of up to 2,500 pounds. If you consider the worst-case scenario, then there is a high possibility that the UK police will ban you from driving. 

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