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JC International Acquisition — The Ultimate Debt & Credit Management

JC International Acquisition delivers credit solutions and management services to the residents of the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the company also buys debts and other items from the creditors. A few years back, the JC International Acquisition took over another organization. 

If you owe money to a creditor and fail to pay them then the JC steps in. Here, the company will play the role of collecting debts. With the help of a bunch of formal procedures, they will try to collect the amount from you at any cost. 

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JC International Acquisition: Legitimate or Not?

Yes, the company is very much legitimate. They are basically known to the people as the buyer of the debts. JC International Acquisition has received its legitimate authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK in the year 2016. They have an official website that has all the necessary and valid information. In addition to that, the code of conduct is also stated there. 

What about CARS?

CARS is another organization which is taken over by the JC International Acquisition llc . It’s the Credit link Account Recovery Solutions. The CARS is also a validated company that has registration under England and Wales. Moreover, its authorization is also regulated by the FCA. 

JC International Acquisition: Their Debt Purchases

The company acts as a host and buys debts from many organizations. The name of those organizations are listed below: 

  • Various telecommunication organizations
  • Companies based on credits
  • Private and government banks
  • Financial business organizations
  • Creative fashion designing companies

Various experts suggest that you must not let the people of JC International Acquisition enter your home. Instead of that, seek help from a good debt help organization for better dealing. 

The Working Process

There is one thing that you should take into consideration. The JC is involved in buying the debts from different sources. Whereas, CARS is involved in recovering those debts. A bunch of field agents can appear at your home. These types of incidents are stressful and can easily traumatize people. 

A few documentaries state that many people’s mental and physical health has deteriorated due to their involvement. Apart from that, phone calls, letters, messages, telegrams, and others will also come into the matter. They might even take over your things that have good monetary value. 

Consequences of Payment Failure?

In the case of payment failure, the JC International Acquisition will wait for the court’s order. In the UK, court means county court judgement. Whenever they purchase your debts, you will eventually come to know about that. In case of payment failure, you will receive a notice mentioning all the details there. 

In addition to that, the notice will also tell you about the proof of having a debt, the total amount of money, extra charges, and others. At last, there will be a certain date describing the deadline of the final payment. Generally, the time span of the final payment will be one week. 

JC International Acquisition: The Chase Begins 

Haven’t you still cleared the debt despite receiving the notice? Then get ready for being chased by the agents of CARS or JC International Acquisition. Based on your negative response to the notice, they will visit your home. When your remaining debts are more than 750 pounds, then they will declare you bankrupt. In doing so, most of your assets will be taken by them, in their custody. 

Will this Affect your Credit Records?

Speaking about the credit records, your debt will reflect in it. Don’t worry, it will be for a limited time. After getting the notice, if you don’t pay the full payment, within 30 days, then the entire matter will be in your credit records, for at least 5 to 6 years. Thus, preventing your further credit purchase operations in the future. 

Do they have the right to act according to their Preference?

Of course not. The JC International Acquisition doesn’t have the right to do anything they want. The right involves certain protocols that have been ordered by the court. Here are some of the following rights stated below:

  • A highly sophisticated computer to track down your account activity
  • Send as many letters they want to your residential address
  • Calling you can be unlimited times
  • Visit your home 
  • On denying your identity, they can ask for the proof
  • Have the power to add extra charges with the total debt amount
  • Responsible for posing a negative impact on your credit ratings
  • The occurrence of bankruptcy

If they don’t maintain the correct protocols, then you can file a complaint. But before that, make sure you consult with your private practitioner and the executives of an organization that assists with the elimination of debts. 

What are your Rights? 

Not only the CARS or JC International Acquisition have the sole rights, but you, too, are capable of taking certain decisions. Let’s check them out:

  • Speaking to your family members and neighbours are prohibited, as described under the data protection laws of the UK.
  • The agents don’t have any rights to harass you. If they do so, remind them about the laws.
  • A request upon making a contact via writing can be done.
  • They cannot show the powers that they aren’t capable of. Always ask for pieces of evidence based on what they are saying.
  • Immediately protest, if they use any type of abusive languages.

In the case of collecting items from your home, always ask them to show the list. They are not at all eligible to take everything they want. 

Did you actually owe any money to JC International?

Sometimes, you might not owe a single penny, but still, the JC International Acquisition harasses you. What will you do in this type of situation? The answer is pretty simple. When they appear, ask them to show all the legal documents. Moreover, always tell them to show the court’s order to visit your home. 

The Myths of JC International 

They cannot claim any type of additional money in the form of charges and fines. Moreover, they will never take the items that you need for regular use. Last but not least, you will not get any type of unprofessional behaviour from them. 

JC International Acquisition: Making you Visit the Court

Yes, JC International has the power to take you to the court. This will happen when you are unable to pay the money to the creditors. On the other hand, skipping the legal notices sent by JC will also lead to this situation. So, you must not ignore it and take the matter seriously to write off the debts. 

What about Sending the Bailiffs?

The JC International Acquisition has its own agents. Following the orders, they act as a bailiff. If the situation is much critical and might need some extra help, they take help of the bailiffs.  Now, Bailiffs are the enforcement agents who visit the debtor’s house, for the debt collection. For hiring the bailiffs, the JC must get the legal orders from the CCJ. 

Planning to put up a Resistance?

You can resist them from visiting, as well as contacting you. A legal debt solution is necessary for this matter. 

  • Debt Management Plan

Hiring an expert who has experience in providing you with the DMP will be a clever decision. Certain negotiations will be much beneficial in nature, by getting the support of this plan. Debts related to the credit cards, bank overdrafts, personal loans and others are being managed by the DMP.

  • Scottish Church Deed

This deed is applicable to the people who live in Scotland. A single payment per month will resolve any debts with the help of this deed. The time span is just four years. Once you pay back within the prescribed time, you will be free of debt, completely. 

  • DAS

DAS stands for Debt Arrangement Scheme. This scheme helps you in extending the time for the repayment. Moreover, it will also provide you with security when the creditors attempt to take further actions against you. 

  • The IVA

The well-known Individual Voluntary Arrangement will definitely help you in debt management. Availing this service will resist all the creditors from bothering you. Somehow, this scheme will only come handy when the borrowed amount is more than eight thousand pounds.

  • The MAP

MAP stands for Minimal Asset Process. This scheme is perfect for you when your monthly income is low or you have a minimum amount of assets. People of Scotland will get the ultimate advantage of the MAP. 

  • The DCL

DCL is the Debt Consolidation Loan that can be opted for, for paying back the debts. A single loan is just more than enough to settle any type of debts that you have. 

These schemes will act as protective shields against the invasion of the bailiffs or the agents of the JC. 

JC’s Help in Paying Off the Debts

Technically speaking, the organization will not help you directly in paying off the debts. Instead of that, they will ask you to make a settlement, once and for all. When you are ready to receive such type of agreement, then always request them not to send any type of further notice, letters, or any type of phone calls. They might agree with your proposal. On the other hand, it will be your sole responsibility to settle the entire amount in the form of final payment. 

What if you cannot Pay the Entire Amount?

Before promising them to pay the entire amount, calculate the budget. If you see that after paying the total money, you still have no financial problem, then just go for it. Stating your issues regarding the financial condition will make them understand your situation. In doing so, they will assist you in getting all the help you need. 

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Your Confidence, That’s What Matters

Never let the JC drag you into such a situation in which you feel uncomfortable. If they pressurize you to agree on something, never do that. If you settle for a bad decision, then you might have to pay a heavy price. Instead of that, tell them about your incoming and outgoing transactions. Furthermore, you might have to show how much money you save at the end of the month. This will help you in settling with the final payment at your comfortable amount. 

After getting all the notable facts about the JC, you need to learn a little bit more about that. 

What are JC International’s Payment Modes?

The company accepts both type of payment based on credit and debit cards. Moreover, the facility of receiving cash payments is also there. While paying in cash, make sure you take the correct receipts after the payment. 

Does HMRC play any role with the JC?

No, HMRC is very much different from the JC. According to the list of the JC, HMRC is not present there. As the former belongs solely to the UK government, they have their own team to take care of the matters regarding the debt. 

Can JC take care of your assets?

Let’s take your home for an example. If you fail to pay back, they might bring a legal notice and take away your home, the most valuable asset. Apart from that, if your car is secured from the debt, then there is a high chance of not taking it in their control. Now, coming to the other assets, they will only have the right when the court will give them permission.

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