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How long does an IVA stay on your credit file ?


An individual voluntary arrangement which is often known as IVA can negatively impact your professional as well as personal life, & make a dent in the credit report. However, if well managed, an IVA settlement plan can also assist you get all your finances back on track. And by meeting the rules & regulations of your IVA settlement plan, & taking actions to rebuild your credit report, you can actually improve your financial condition in the long run.

To know more about “does an iva stay on your credit file” or anything relevant IVA credit file, keep reading!

What is an IVA Settlement Plan?

An individual voluntary arrangement is a genuine way to deal with debt you are struggling to pay back. Well, this is a settlement agreement between you & your lender (firms you owe money to) that sets out when & how you will pay them back. For instance, you may commit to pay them a lump sum or give them most of your salary every month. And in return, lenders might approve to wipe out most of your debt, as you won’t be required to repay the full money you owed.

Check Out whether an IVA is the right choice for you?

Well, only certain people can qualify for the IVA settlement plan. Actually, more than 75% of your debts require to be involved in the settlement agreement, & the relevant lenders should approve it. However, there are certain debts that are not incorporated such as child support, student loans, & fines. And, in case, if you live anywhere in the UK, you cannot get an IVA settlement plan, however you might be able to get a Protected Trust Deed Scotland, that is similar.


So, in order to set up an IVA settlement plan, you will be required to pay a professional insolvency practitioner (generally a qualified accountant or lawyer). And the monthly fees can be around 5,000 pounds – however certain practitioners will incorporate this in the settlement agreement.

Well, make sure to note that there are a number of other approaches available to handle debt oriented problems, including bankruptcy, & Debt Relief Orders. So, if you require some support with paying your debts, ensure to talk to a free, independent debt adviser.

Wondering who will see my IVA?

Well, your lenders will define each and every detail about your IVA settlement plan. And it can include more than just banks – therefore, if you owe money to the utility suppliers like Gas & electricity companies, councils, mobile phone providers, they’ll also be informed about this..

All details of your IVA settlement plan will be recorded on the Individual Insolvency Register along with the IVA credit file, which anyone can see online. But, the Register is generally used by people dealing with the insolvency or credit industries – therefore, it is pretty normal that your friends & neighbors will hear about the IVA settlement plan

Want to know How does an IVA work & how will it affect life?

An IVA settlement plan generally runs for five to six years, although this will be expanded if you miss any of the payments. And during this time, you will be required to stick to all the terms & conditions in the settlement agreement, & you will have restricted control over your bank account. In fact, you can expect an IVA settlement plan to impact your:

  • Spending- You need to keep to a specific budget during the IVA, & any additional income or bonuses must go towards the debts.
  • Borrowing- you will only be enabled to borrow 500 pounds during the IVA. But in case you require borrowing more, then you will need to get approval from your insolvency practitioner. Plus, you might find it a pretty troublesome matter to get approved for credit.
  • Possessions – it’s actually possible you’ll be required to sell your valuable possessions to repay your debts, & return everything you’re paying off. Well, an exception might be your vehicle if you use it for your work purpose – and in case of an expensive vehicle, you might be asked to go for a cheaper version.
  • Savings- you will generally be required to contribute any kind of savings towards your debts. Moreover, all of a sudden if you come into huge money during your IVA settlement plan (such as an inheritance or redundancy pay), you might need to pay the whole amount you owed before you set up a settlement Agreement.
  • Job- your employment can be severely affected, although it’s unlikely until you’re a lawyer, accountant, or similar.
  • – well the companies can verify if someone’s on the Insolvency Register before trading with them – therefore, if you are self-employed, an IVA settlement plan might damage your reputation as well as ability to do business.

Want to know how will an IVA settlement plan affect the  credit rating?

Well, if you go for an IVA, this will be registered on your credit report. And you will find that your credit report will go down eventually, since the number is based on details on your credit report. Basically a lower score defines that you might struggle to borrow money. And you will be able to check your credit score by using different online tools.

So why does an IVA settlement plan decrease your possibility of getting credit? Well, when you apply for credit – like a credit card, personal loan, or even mortgage – the creditor will consider your credit details in order to help them determine if you are likely to repay them back. An IVA settlement plan defines you as having had a problem paying debt in the past, therefore, they might consider you as a high-risk client. And as a result, you might be charged a higher interest rate or completely rejected.

How long will an IVA stay on my credit report?

The IVA settlement plan will appear on your credit report for at least five to six years, beginning from the time it was agreed by the creditor. And this record won’t be eliminated if you complete your IVA earlier; however it’ll be marked as done. Remember that any debts incorporated in your IVA advice for settlement might be recorded as different entries on your report.

Can I still get credit with an IVA?

This is possible to get certain credit when you have an IVA settlement plan. But when you are in an IVA, there are certain options that generally have very low limits & high interest. Well, all the applications you make will have an impact on your credit score, therefore do not utilize a scattergun approach – then only apply for credit you are able to get.

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You’ll also find which loans & credit cards you are more likely to get when you utilize our reliable as well as trustworthy service, which won’t hit your credit score.

Want to remove or update an IVA on my credit report?

Well, IVA is a settlement plan & it can be added, marked ‘complete’ & automatically eradicated without you having to do anything. But, if you think that the record isn’t correct, you can ask to make it correct – you might be required to provide evidence like a letter from your insolvency practitioner.

Overtime, you can also ask to add a note on your credit report, defining to creditors why you got into debt & had to conduct an IVA settlement plan– for instance, because of redundancy or long-term illness.

Well, you will be able to check the status of your Individual Voluntary Agreement record by ordering your credit report.

Want to improve your credit score after an IVA?

As the IVA settlement plan ages, you will find that your score will eventually improve. And it is because creditors usually pay more attention to the most recent credit history. And your IVA settlement plan will look better when it’s declared as ‘completed’ as well.

And after 6 years, you will find that your IVA will be eradicated from your credit file. As the IVA limits what you can borrow, & you won’t have that much credit details during this period, therefore, your credit score might still be pretty low. But, there are a number of actions you can take to improve your credit rating as well as score.

And in the long-term, make sure to keep all your expenses on track by budgeting as well as make a good plan for the future. So, another way to manage all your financial condition is to hire a professional financial advisor. When you hire any professional person, he will take care of each and everything related to your finances. But be sure to hire an experienced person who can give you the best solution.

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