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If you are unable to recover a pending debt, then you can take the help of debt recovery agencies UK. It is best for getting the fastest results. If you manage a business in the United Kingdom then you should let the agency manage the entire process for you. They can help you get a tailored amount for debt collection rates. However, It is based on the amount of debt you are trying to recover. 

Also, remember that it is sometimes better to write off unpaid debts if you have to. You have to accept that this is just a part of doing business. The professionals will rightly guide you regarding that and 123 debt management service you recover the amount you are owed. 

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited (DCBL)

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited is a paid debt recovering service that provides quick and professional service. It is limited to the United Kingdom’s citizens. Furthermore, they claim to be one of the best debt collection agencies.

Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited or DCBL run their very own TV show. They run this specific part of the show which is called “Channel 5 show Can’t Pay? We’ll take it away!”. If you ever caught this show on TV, then you must certainly know that the DCBL staff only mean business. 

There are not many debt collection services that can provide the anticipated results you hope for. The debt recovery agencies UK believes that each debt recovery case needs to be dealt with differently which is true. Each case has to have a unique approach towards it in order to retrieve the debt.

The DCBOL or Direct Collection Bailiff Limited does this at a fixed price with no other cost included later. With DCBL’s experience in the debt recovering field, it shows that a phone call can only do little. It almost never changes the borrower’s mind to pay you back any sooner. So, debt recovery agencies UK opts for direct face to face interaction, that does the trick. The success rate for DCBL proves it. 

Hilton Baird

Hilton Baird provides professional financial solutions to its customers. They are an award-winning debt service provider. Their services include helping businesses with single collections and taking the required debt recovery measures. Hilton Baird takes up the entire responsibility for you along with all the activities associated with it. 

Hilton Baird offers services such as debt recovery, management, receivables, purchase, credit control etc. Not to mention, they also provide services to a great range of industries in the UK. They are mostly in the financial sectors and the retail sectors. 

Hilton Baird has a reputation of a reliable, friendly collection agency in the debt market. They are known to deliver fruitful results. Overall, they are an ideal financial solution provider for businesses of all sizes.

Access Credit Management

Access Credit Management is an expert in dealing with both native and international debt. It means that it is the perfect option for recovering debts if your debtors are not from the UK.

Moreover, business owners who have overseas clients and business use their services. Not only do they have a full licence but are also accredited. 

They are licenced under both the Consumer Credit Act 1980. And the Access Credit management has been accredited by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. 

The core services provided by the Access Credit Management are debt recovery, options of debt insolvency and outsourced credit collection.

P & J Consumer Debt Services

P & J is a UK wide debt collection agency with more than 25 years of experience in the field of collection of debt. They have over 25000 clients on a regular basis. Providing innovative solutions offering them at the most affordable rates. 

It offers a number of incentives for their clients including “no recovery” or “no fee” policies as well as offering no tie in options. P & J works very fast to ensure a successful debt recovery for you. Not only do they offer professionals services but also includes tracing debtors. 

In fact, they will suggest you other means of recovering debts too. P & J can go to great extents, that are legal, of course, to recover your debts. P & J provides services that are reliable and affordable. 

They use their unique techniques to recover debts from the most difficult borrowers. Mostly delivering the most fruitful results with their ways that are almost always effective.  


Wescot is a good debt collection agency for banking, retails, utility and telecoms industries. It is one of the major debt recovering agencies in the entire UK. They mostly resort to fair and ethical means of recovering the debt collecting agencies. 

Wescot will always try to make a reasonable approach to the debtors and ensure fruitful results for the creditors. Ultimately the above-mentioned sectors are Wescot’s area of interest and they have a lot of experiences.

They are experts at providing professional services and successfully recover the debts in these areas. Wescot approaches over five million account holders every year. They offer a range of services to businesses including debt collecting agencies, debt purchase as well as locate services. These services can be very helpful for recovering debts from difficult borrowers.

Wescot can provide you with solutions for one-off collections. If you want they can even fully outsource your credit management. It has a large customer service team who received professional training in it. They are friendly staff on board to advise you throughout the procedure. 


Rossendales is a debt recovering agency that is an ideal option for landlords for recovering their rents. This run as an independent agency who offer a variety of financial services. They are available for businesses of all sizes across the areas of England and Wales. 

Although they are primarily popular among the landlord, they are used by both public and private sector businesses. The Rossandales offer their services to over 300 clients in the UK and Wales (with over 200 in the UK alone). 

They use innovative methods and practices to collect debt for their customers. Those methods include sending out regular SMS messages to encourage better communication between the debtors and creditors. Not only that, Rossendales makes sure to provide online services to help both the parties manage their balances properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do debt collectors buy debt for the UK?

The debt collecting agencies on a typical rate collect 10p for every one pound of the debt they buy. Further, Collection Agencies have increased their spending from just over 800 million euros to 1.5 billion euros in 5 years (from 2012 to 2017 respectively).

What is the cost of using a debt collecting agency?

The average cost or fees range from 25 to 50 per cent of the total debt amount collected, i.e. on the basis of per account. The cost is mutually decided on a contract. 

But, whatever the cost may be, you only have to pay if the agency successfully collects your debt. However, this only happens in rare cases and most of the time the agencies end up recovering the Debt Relief Order<

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