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Debt Management Plan: The Best Way to Clear Off Your Debt

DMP or Debt Management Plan helps you to calculate and pay the amount of debt that a person can afford according to his or her income. It is basically an agreement between the debtor and the person who credits the debt amount. The addressing is done on the basis of the terms and conditions that are formulated for outstanding debt. 

The organizations generally work with different creditors for reducing the amount of debt that is to be paid on a monthly basis by reducing the rate. With the help of this, any person who is liable to pay a debt every month can avoid penalties and get a discount as well. 

Debt Management Plan Online: A Complete Guidance for You

Stepchange Debt Management Plan is not the same as a Debt Management Program. Although both go by the same abbreviation DMP and the idea of both is pretty much the same. The only difference between a Debt Management Plan and a Debt Management Program is pretty self-explanatory.

A Debt Management Plan Solutions is your personal choice, and you are not legally obligated to follow it. However, a Debt Management Program is something you have enrolled yourself legally and are obligated to abide by the program rules.

Like Debt Management Programs, it is not easy to stick to a Debt Management Plan when there are numerous ways to cheat it. Unlike Debt Management programs, you are in complete control of the rules set by you and its flexibility according to your will.

However, there is no harm in trying to follow one by yourself. If you think you are determined enough to stick to it, then you must set up a reasonable plan as soon as possible. There are many Debt Management Plans online that you can take the help of, with your budget planning.

What is Debt Management Plan: What are Its Advantages and Disadvantages?

Debt Management Plan can be the ultimate solution for overcoming the never-ending debt payment process. But, you might face certain negative consequences if you fail to pay the monthly payment amount to the creditors. Even the debt payer can end up staying behind bars for missing the debt payments.

Moreover, the creditors can send bailiffs to collect the entire debt amount forcefully. To avoid these sorts of instances, get a clear insight of DMP beforehand. Here are some of the prime benefits that you can get by signing up for Debt Management Plan UK:

  • You won’t further get any calls or letters from the debt collection agencies or creditors.
  • With DMP, you can regain financial stability again. Further, the debt advisor will help you to achieve your financial goals as well.
  • There will be a veteran financial counsellor who will set the monthly budget so that you can write off the debts.
  • Moreover, this counsellor will reduce the monthly payment amount after negotiating with the creditors to make you debt-free.
  • You can easily manage to pay the different unsecured debts with a Debt Management Plan.
  • The creditors can save the expenses of late fees if the creditors agree with the “re-age” policy of DMP.
  • When you follow a debt payment plan, the debts can be paid off within a limited time. And, it will help the debtors to improve the creditor report or credit scores.

What is Debt Management Plan Calculator Used for?

Paying off unsecured debts seems to be a daunting task — especially when you have high-interest rates. For this reason, it will be a wise decision to take help from a debt advisor for the ultimate support. Usually, these experts use a debt management plan calculator while deciding the debtor’s repayment amount.

With this debt reduction tool, they even make a budget plan after knowing about their monthly expenses. With a Debt Management Plan UK calculator, you will be able to know how much time and money will take to become debt-free. The debt solution providers will let you know about the interest rates of DMP by using this calculator.

How does the Payment schedule work?

The payment schedule is quite easily accepted by the parties, where you can pay off all your debts with a time span of 3 – 5 years. This service is quite suitable and helpful for dealing with different debt that has no priorities. 

The debt list includes the store cards or the credit cards, different overdrafts and loans that are taken for personal use. It is basically a subpart of the Debt Consolidation Plans. 

These plans help to gain control of the different finances with the noticeable feature of unsecured debt reduction. 

All about Unsecured Debt:

The unsecured debt is nothing but the debts that the collateral does not turn back and those which also include the debts of credit cards, pharmacy, and medical bills. It also includes students or education loans as well.

How DMP helps to Manage Debt?

This is one of the various methods with the help of which you can control all the debts and reduce the payments. It is necessary to pay the amount at the beginning or end of every month. 

Saving money on different interests and fees is easily available in these plans. Thus, the  DWP debt Management is very useful and helps a lot in reducing the amount required for paying the debts.

There are certain organizations that can help you to plan DMP. With the help of these organizations, the debts are been paid according to the schedule or based on the date for payment by the different counselors or creditors. 

Based on the amount, a customer can afford the payment process. He or she gets full information before they agree to take part in the program and how much amount is necessary to be paid every month. 

The customers only agree if they can pay the amount every month and that too for a limited period of time. This helps them to pay the full amount along with the interest and the principal amount. The difference between the income of the person and the monthly expenditures is the amount of the payment that is to be done per month for the debts.

There are many DMP providers who help to chalk out the different plans based on the amount and try to form a less and affordable payment. They make plans accordingly with the creditors to make necessary changes so that different debts could be settled within a limited period of time.

What advantages does DMP provide?

There are many advantages that come along with the Citizens Advice Debt Management Plan. But based on the vast list there are certain plans that prove to be most useful and beneficial as well. Let’s see how DMP helps in clearing the debts:

  • Without a definite plan, DMP gives consolation on credit cards.
  • Organizing different bills or payments can be done easily. This also makes the customer quite punctual on clearing the debts within the time limit.
  • With a financial goal, a realistic monthly budget planning is also done.
  • Paying the debts at the right time increases the credit scores and credit reports. These are quite beneficial for taking loans afterward.
  • There are also incentives for creditors and collectors to stop calling.

What are the Debts that the Customers can pay through DMP?

There is a list of debts that a customer can pay with DMP, such as:

  • Debts on different Overdrafts.
  • Personal Loan debts.
  • Loans for banking or building society loans.
  • A loan is taken from a friend or any family member.
  • The different loan amounts of Store cards and credit cards or loans from Payday.
  • Catalog, or a credit on home or in-store credit debts.

Apart from all these, the Debt Management Plans are also useful for the debts that do not have priority.

Debts that you cannot pay with DMP

The priority debts or the ones which are of much importance cannot be paid with the DMP. Check out the list to get a complete idea about the debts that a customer cannot pay.

  • Fines of Court.
  • License for Television
  • Council Tax
  • Bills of Gas and Electricity.
  • Maintenance and support for children.
  • Loans against the house, mortgages or any loans.
  • Agreements for high purchase ( the ones that the Customers buy which are necessary and are useful for the specific work).

Where can one get Offers for DMP?

There are many organizations or companies that help in Debt Management Plans. They make sure that all the money that a customer pays must help to settle the payment for debts. Thus, helping to pay off the debts as soon as possible.

These free Debt Advisors provide free information and help more than 1000 people every year. They completely understand the situations of the customers and provide specific solutions according to their debts. 

They divide the total amount into small parts so that you can easily pay them every month without any worries. These professionals are highly trained and provide recommendable solutions on the payments of debts.

If you are also looking for a free Debt Management Management provider, web search is the appropriate place where you should start looking. Before confirming anyone Debt Management providers, make sure that they have proper authorization from the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The FCA authorization is like trust marks for these organizations. 

Do not forget to check the authorization. Nowadays, there are many fake organizations that scam their customers. So, before agreeing to a definite plan of the organization, check the FCA authorization.

Notable Advice Before Choosing a Debt Management Plan 

Debt Advice UK can help you to choose a perfect plan that helps you to manage the debt as well as your income. They help their customers by choosing the right plan for them and to pay off their debts easily. They also look through the various circumstances that a customer is going through at the time of paying the debts and work accordingly.

If you are visiting the debt advisor for the first time then there are certain points that you must follow, here they are:

  • Must be well acquainted and can resolve all your queries with confidence
  • Help you seek advice based on the management of your own money.
  • Must not judge your situation and handle it accordingly.
  • Bring up different points that you do not know while dealing with debts.
  • Must be very enthusiastic and can solve all your difficulties regarding debts. 

Apart from all these, you must also consult another debt advisor who has a lot of experience. Just to check if the plans that you want to implement lead you to a stable and suitable direction for clearing the debts. 

According to FTC (Federal Trade Commission), you must choose a reputed organization for credit counseling. They use certified counselors for the different management of credits and debts of their customers. With the management of debts, they also develop practical budgets.

Apart from all these to get rid of the scams or frauds that are occurring nowadays, you must also verify with the local Consumer Protection Agency. Consult any Business Bureau or State Attorney General officer in charge to check if there are any kind of complaints against the organization.

Enrolling for any DMP

Check these points if you are planning to enroll for any Debts Management Plans. These will help you to know more about the plans in detail.

  • With the help of DMP, the time for paying the debts is 36 -60 months.
  • Customers must not get any additional credit while enrolling in a certain plan with the organization.
  • Late payments of DMP may lose the credits due to a decrease in the debts and interest rate of the debts.
  • One must pay lower interest so that it decreases the monthly payments.

Guide for New users who are willing to Sign Up for a DMP

After deciding the right Debt Management Plan, the credit counselor helps you to enroll in the plan. With a minimum rate of interest, they will provide a schedule for the payment of the debts. This repayment plan is necessary before starting the plan. 

The plan is based on the amount left after removing the living cost like rent, mortgage, utility bills, loans, and other expenses. The residual amount is given to the creditors. 

The amount that is left is given to the organization for credit counseling, and then they distribute it to the creditors. The entire process is done on a specific date of payment as listed within the plan.

The cost of a Debt Management Plan is quite less. Completion of the counseling sessions requires a small payment that is known as the One Time Payment. The maintenance fee is also necessary to be paid every month. 

Do not accept any plans by the credit counseling organizations that ask for additional fees for application, membership, upfront or per credit fee.

How to check if the DMP is suitable for you?

After applying for a DMP, there are certain points with the help of which you can determine if the plan will be beneficial for you or not.

  • Keep a note about the debts that are to be paid by DMP and the leftovers that you have to pay.
  • See if the counseling agency is being paid every month at the right time.
  • Check the bank statements on a monthly basis. This is to ensure that the organizations are paying all your bills at the right time.
  • Make sure if only the unsecured debts are been paid by the debt management plans.

What Does a Reliable Debt Management Organization provide?

The things that a good debt management organization provides are given below. Whenever you enroll for any plan by some organization, check these out:

  • They will ask about your income, expenses, credit card bills, etc based on the requirement. You must also tell them about any kind of financial obligation.
  • The credit counselor will check if the credit score of his or her customer is good enough. If your credit score is not good enough, then you might face certain issues.
  • He or she must provide enough suggestions about the areas where you can decrease the expenses from. Also, they must give ideas about different methods with the help of which you can earn more money.
  • The counselor must understand your financial situations and suggest a plan accordingly. They must offer the appropriate debt management program for solving your issue.
  • They must cover all the final terms and conditions for payment of monthly debt and schedule them accordingly. 
  • The credit counseling organization must inform you about the payment of debts via emails or text messages every month. You can also check your monthly bank statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a Debt Management Plan suitable for you?

Ans. Anyone can opt for a Debt Management Plan if they are committed enough to follow it. However, sometimes even if you are not, you must adapt to a DMP, if you are on the verge of crossing your credit limit.

Q. Can anyone set up a DMP online?

Ans. Yes, it is possible for you to plan and arrange your own repayment methods with your creditors. In fact, you can even apply for a Debt Management Plan online.

Q. Does a Debt Management Plan or Program affect the credit file?

Ans. Yes, it almost always certainly affects your credit file. That is because with a DMP you are now paying less than the amount that you had agreed to pay when you took the debt. Although the details of your DWP is not specifically registered on your credit profile, there might still be other details like your default payments or missed payments, court action etc. This detail is going to be there on your credit profile up to a period of six years.

Q. Is DMP the same as Debt consolidation?

Ans. No, a Debt Management Plan is not the same as debt consolidation. However, debt consolidation could be a part of a Debt Management Plan. Debt consolidation includes taking out a larger amount of loan to pay off your smaller loans. But, a Debt Management Plan does not involve taking out any more loans but pay off with whatever is left with you.

Things to be considered while engaging in Debt management

1 What is the Default credit file?

A default is a financial phrase that refers to a breach of a credit agreement. Your creditor may issue you a default notice if you are unable to make payments or if you do not pay the correct amount. If the default is used, it may have an impact on your credit report.

2 What happens to your debt credit file once your DMP period is over?

Whether you pay off the obligation or not, a default will remain on your credit file for six years from the date of default. The good news is that the lender won’t be able to re-register your default once it’s been erased, even if you still owe them money.

3 Is my house safe in a Debt Management Plan (DMP)?

Your debt management plan (DMP) should have no direct effect on your house if you keep up with your debt payments and rent or mortgage payments. This ensures that you don’t fall behind on your mortgage payments, keeping your home safe.

4 Which debts are to be paid and not to be paid in Debt Management Plan?

The debts which are not incorporated in Reduce Debt through Debt Management Plan are Priority debts

Priority debts are so named because the repercussions of not paying them are sometimes more severe than for other debts. You won’t be able to incorporate these debts in a DMP, so make sure you have a plan in place to deal with them before you start one.

  • arrears on a mortgage or rent
  • arrears on gas and electricity
  • Rates or council tax arrears
  • penalties imposed by magistrates’ courts
  • maintenance debts owed to an ex-partner or children
  • arrears of income tax or VAT
  • If you don’t have a TV licence or are in overdue with your TV licence, you’ll need to

Bank loans, credit cards, school loans, water charges, and overpayments of benefits are examples of non-priority obligations.

Find out more about priority and non-priority debts in our guide How to prioritise your debts

Join with the Best Best Debt Management Solutions To Get Debt-Free

If you are thinking, “how do I get my debt written off”, then National Debtline are here to help you out. We have teamed up with the best debt advisors who know how to write off debt with DMP. Moreover, we give our clients a clear understanding of the Debt Management pros and cons. We will set the “Debt Management plan allowable expenses” based on your monthly wage and help you stay organised with invoices and credit & credit card consolidation. So, improve the credit score by paying the debts on time by simply joining with us.

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