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There are many debt charity UK centres that provide free consultations to the citizens of the province. You can even find independent debt advisers who will help you with your financial debt. This might cost you some money though but it will spare you the time of going to an advisory centre. 

However, there are free helplines that will provide you with the same expert advice over a call. But, that has some physical barriers like lack of detailed financial information. For example, if you are someone who owes money to a lot of creditors, then it becomes impossible to keep a mental count of how much you owe to each creditor. 

Although, after speaking to you over a call they usually ask you to come down to their debt advice charity uk centres. Because a one-on-one conversation is any day better than talking over a phone (especially, when it comes to serious financial matters). That way you can provide debt management charity uk advisor with the most accurate information which will help him understand your financial status.

Seeking the best debt charity advice

Getting help from a debt advisory centre will hardly take 30 minutes for a consultation with the financial advisors. First, they will hear you out about the financial challenges you are facing. Then, they will guide you throughout the debt management process. You can have all the support you need to become free from all national debts

It is a very flexible solution to all your debt advice charity uk problems. A debt management charity uk does not need to have a long term solution. It can be a temporary way to help you manage your finances until your financial situation improves. 

All your loan creditors will be handled by the advisors, asking them to accept a lower monthly EMI payment. They might also request to freeze any interest to be charged on your debt.

Based on your financial situation, a list of solutions will be provided to you that are applicable based on your situation. Only after understanding the pros and cons of each and every solution, you should make your decision.

Debt Charity organisations in the UK

Poor Financial conditions can really affect people’s life severely, causing them both mental and physical pain. But fortunately, these debt charity organisations around you are there to relieve the extra stress. Most of these organisations are run by the government so their services are free of cost. 

These following organisations, in the UK, provide consultation for debt-related problems. 

The National Debtline

The National Debtline claims to be the UK’s one of the most preferred debt advisory centres that people seek help from. It has helped millions of people in the UK alone to get help with their debts problems. 

They will offer you clear advice by talking you through the options depending on your financial condition. They have their unique way of making you take back control over your financial expenses.

Step Change Debt Charity

Step Change Debt Charity helps change the lives of many people suffering from debt problems. The expert advice they give out to people is not based on any judgement and is impartial. Depending on each and every individual’s financial situation they render personalised options and advice for you.

Pay Plan

Play Plan is another excellent Debt Advisory option for you that has its own team of debt advisory experts. They are known for providing non-judgemental solutions to all your problems. 

Besides, they will support you right from the beginning till the end of your DPP or DMP whichever you opt for. In fact, they help thousands of people every year to manage financial problems by clearing their debts. 

Their unique advice techniques and options work out for the debtors most of the time. 

Debt Advice Foundation

Debt Advice Foundation offers free, confidential debt relief advice to anyone facing financial problems. They will inform you about the different options that you can consider while paying off your debts. 

Although they will guide you on the possible options, you have to make the final call as to which option you will opt for. 

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice provides free, professional debt advice that is confidential and independent from any judgement. The service provided by them has, in the past, resolved financial barriers for many people from various financial backgrounds. 

They provide their services to people irrespective of their race, gender, sexuality, age, nationality, disability or religion.

Business Debts

People who deal with business debts are often the ones dealing with more than one loan. So, they might end up needing expert financial advice more than anyone else. This is so because their business and more often, their life, pretty much depends on it. 

So, if you are self-employed or run a small startup business, these free advice services available in your area will help you out.  

Business Debtline 

You can get in touch with Business Debtline for England and Wales specific areas. The Business Debtline is also available for the Scottish citizens around Scotland. Also, for people of Northern Ireland, you can get business debt advice from the Advice NI Business Debt Service (Northern Ireland).

Company Debt

Company Debt owns a team of specialists who help people deal with their business, in particular. Their clients include limited company directors who often go through challenging circumstances in their business. So, Company Debt helps these company directors by guiding them with the best possible solutions. 

Debt Charity Grants in the UK

If you ever find yourself stuck in a very bad financial situation, there are grants available in the UK that you can take the help of. However, everyone does not qualify for the Debt Charity Grants. 

There are certain terms and conditions that one has to meet in order to qualify for these grants. Most of the charitable funds that you can find do not exactly settle these debts. However, the small number of cases that do under specific circumstances, will usually consider priority debts. Priority debts might include your electric bills, rent, mortgages, court costs, tax etc.

So, if you think you are going through a bad financial situation and might qualify for these grants, you must make your application as soon as possible. 

Bankruptcy Fees or Debt Relief Orders (DROs) 

Some charitable organisations will offer you help in covering the cost of DROs or Debt Relief Orders. It is often known as the Bankruptcy Fees and these charitable organisations help out the citizens with their charitable funds. 

You can only qualify for these charitable funds through a recognised debt advice organisation. This means that you are only eligible for the grant if your advisory agency has suggested you so. Besides, they will see and check if there are any other ways for you to pay back the debt. Or if you have considered all the options available to you before settling for this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get a Debt charity grant in the UK?

If you think you qualify for a grant then the first thing you should do is look for a reputable advisory agency. After considering all your options if they recommend you to apply for a grant, then you should do so. Look for recognised lenders who will offer you these loans at a cheaper rate of interest. However, you will not get help with your credit card bills with this grant. The grant is available to provide requisite assistance for debts like utility bills and student education loans. 

How can you get a personal Hardship grant?

You can get a personal Hardship grant by applying for financial assistance through the health and human services office of your local area. Some hardship grants are provided as a one-time pay-off towards your unpaid debts. But, it actually requires you to apply for the federal program of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Besides that, there are other assistance programs too. 

Can the government cover for your mortgage? 

Yes. Some federal governments are available to Debt Charity UK help you cover the mortgage for new homeowners. You must apply for the program called Home Affordable Unemployment program if you are currently unemployed. This program reduces your monthly mortgage payments for up to a period of six months. This time is allowed so that you can find a new job during that period and then start repaying your mortgage again. 

Will grants cover for your credit card bills? 

No. Unfortunately, there are currently no debt relief grants that will Debt Charity UK help you pay off your credit card bills. So, you have to pay your credit card bills all by yourself. <

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