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DCBL Bailiffs — A Successful Enforcement Agency in the UK

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Since the year 2001, the DCBL Bailiffs has been one of the most successful and widespread enforcement agents in the UK. With a success rate of more than 95%, they are quite renowned. Most of their clients have positive reviews regarding their work. Reportedly, the annual earnings of the company usually cross more than thirty to thirty-five million pounds. 

The main services of DCBL (Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited) include the debt collection, as well as the recovery of debts, providing agents with the permission to take the required steps, directly from the high court, and other security services. 

More than 5 regional offices are present all over the country. The official website of the DCBL Bailiffs has all the details regarding the services. If possible, you can check it out. But, before you do that, read to know about them. 

Are you Sure about the Registration?

Absolutely, the DCBL Bailiffs is a private company, associated with several companies in the UK, and are legit. Moreover, they also have a registered office in Cheshire, United Kingdom. On the other hand, the authorization comes from the FCA, the Financial Conduct Authority. 

DCBL Bailiff’s Communication with you

As the main activity is to gather the debts, they have the right to call you or most likely to send letters. This can happen when you are late in making the payments or violated any terms and conditions. When the letter arrives, never panic, just receive the letter gladly and check whether your name is on the letter or not. In addition to that, check whether the debt amount is correct or not. The dcbl debt collectors usually collect due-fine, tenant rents, outstanding loans, outstanding money regarding the credit card loans, and other unpaid payments. 

DCBL Bailiffs: How they Work?

In the beginning, the organization proceeds by following a formal procedure. The procedure consists of formal letters and notices. In addition to that, phone calls are also included in this matter. The next step will be another letter prior to their visit to your home. After their arrival, the discussion will be simple and friendly. If necessary, the last step will be to gather all the valuable items from your home to fulfil the debts. 

Do you force enter Your Residence?

No, the DCBL Bailiffs can force entry into your property. They can only enter the residence with your permission. Their entry time will be scheduled from a certain time in the morning to the evening. Moreover, their entry will only be possible, if and only if, adults are present. 

The Number of Visits 

The DCBL Bailiffs can visit your home as many times as they want. There are no fixed attempts or limitations regarding that. Their main aim will be to gather the entire amount of the unpaid money from you. If the condition or the situation is critical, and getting out of hand, they might take steps to take over your assets with legal notices. 

Types of Property they can’t take

  • Personal clothes
  • Bedding items
  • Bathroom items
  • Kitchen items
  • Refrigerator
  • Items used by kids
  • Equipment used by physically challenged people

Type of Property they can take 

  • Valuable ornaments
  • Expensive items like furniture
  • Valuable electronic items
  • Assets (possibly by force)

Your Rights during the Chase

When the dcbl debt collectors start chasing you for being late on the debt repayment, you must not be afraid of them. Moreover, never panic in this kind of situation. Let them know about your present financial condition. You always have the right to defend your property and reputation. 

Always ask for the written proofs when they approach you. The proofs must have a stamp, indicating the agency’s official logo as a validation. If they violate that during the home visit, never let them enter your home. 

DCBL Bailiffs: Rules and Regulations 

They don’t have the right to do whatever they want. Treating you fairly is one of their legitimate duties. On the other hand, the agents don’t have the right to use any kind of harsh or abusive languages against you. This will be a violation of their organization’s terms and conditions. 

The information that they will provide will be marked with proof. The way of consulting must be encouraging and friendly as many people are struggling with their debts to pay off, in the current situation. 

DCBL Bailiffs: One of its Kind

The DCBL Bailiffs are divided into various sub-parts. One is given the responsibility to listen to the orders and the judgements of the county court. On the other hand, there are people who look after the debts related to housing and lands. In addition to that, a separate team takes care of those people who haven’t paid rents to their landlords, not obeying notices and many more. 

How to Deal with DCBL Bailiffs?

Dealing with the DCBL Bailiffs is not too tough. Before gaining the confidence of facing them, make sure that you have the money ready for payment. Always get to know your rights in this repayment process. No matter what they say, they are bound to obey your terms and conditions. They will never try to enter your home, without the legal order from the court. 

Forcing Residential Entry

Sometimes, their entry to your home can be forced. But why? There are more than one valid reasons behind that. If you have some debts that belong to the HMRC, then the entry of the DCBL Bailiffs will be by force. They will show you all the legal papers and will make an attempt to pick up all the valuable things. In the case of fines related to criminal offences, the situation will be much more dangerous, if you don’t let them enter your home. 

Planning to Pay the DCBL?

Never pay directly to the DCBL Bailiffs. Hiring them only takes place when there are more than one creditors. So, take the help of any debt recovery schemes that are easily available. Contact with such organizations that provided debt help. Most of the debt recovery experts suggest that taking the help of the IVA will be very much helpful. 

Depending upon the financial situation, your hired person deals with the matter of insolvency. After that, a particular debt recovery plan will be arranged. On the other hand, you can talk to the creditors directly and try to negotiate with them.

If they take you to the Court?

The action of taking you to the court will only be justified when you’re not responding properly to them. Always remember, you owe money to the creditors and it needs to be paid. Thus, your collaboration with the debt advice team is necessary. If you violate all the deadlines, then they have every right to take you to the court. Once the court has released the order to deal with you, it will remain in your credit records for at least five to six years. 

Effecting your Savings

Most obviously, you work for an organization or do business on your own to earn. In the case of not collaborating with the DCBL, they can touch your savings amount after taking legal permission. Of course, the salary, wages, savings play an important role in your daily life. So, you need to handle the situation very carefully. 

How can you pay the DCBL?

If there are no extra charges against your remaining debt, then you can easily pay them. Just visit their official website, create an account and keep the reference ID. With the help of that ID, choose any method of payment and complete the transaction. In case of any complications, you can call at their dcbl bailiffs contact number

Are you not satisfied with the rejoinder of DCBL?

After filing a complaint against the DCBL, they will obviously respond to you with necessary procedures. In case you are not satisfied with their response, you can contact the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service). This service falls under the category of Consumer Credit Act of the United Kingdom. After that, wait for a few days for their response. Hopefully, now you will gain a satisfactory result, contact at dcbl contact number

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